Financial resources are key to the safe and efficient running for a healthcare facility. Without the money to do the job well, patients inevitably suffer. Managing these resources effectively and achieving excellent value for money is all part of helping to restore health and save lives.

Money really matters. That’s why we work so hard to help healthcare organisations do much more with the money they have.

The need to do things differently

More than just financial good sense

We invented our revolutionary Vernacare single-use system for patient toileting and cleansing because we knew that traditional toileting methods were helping to spread infection, and because we understood there was a more efficient way of working.

Our system helps reduce the risk of cross-infection, so patients spend less time in hospital, lessening the financial burden. It also frees up nursing time and can cost up to 40% less to maintain than alternative systems.

We are proud that our system is now used in more than 50 countries worldwide, with thousands of healthcare organisations already benefiting from these efficiencies and savings, trusting us to help them provide a better, more cost-effective service every day.

Since we first developed our single-use system, we have become a global leader manufacturing over 170 million units each year. In 2015, our success was recognised by the Business Masters Awards when we were named ‘Large Manufacturer of the Year’ and more recently in 2017 we won ‘Supplier of the Year’ at the NHS Excellence in Supply Awards.

With a robust supply chain and proven manufacturing expertise, you can be sure our products will always be available when and where you need them. At Vernacare, we manufacture our pulp products on-site, which means we can deliver without delay.

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The Vernacare System

Our aim is to help healthcare organisations across the world deliver better care and give them the support they needed to fight healthcare associated infections (HCAIs).


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Vernacare is an award-winning company committed to innovation and quality, with headquarters in Chorley, United Kingdom and a subsidiary in Toronto, Canada.



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