When it comes to healthcare, no one is more important than the patient. Nursing patients back to full health is the top priority. Helping patients maintain their dignity during the toileting process, and disposing of waste safely and efficiently, is a crucial part of this nursing routine.

However, traditional “wash and reuse” methods of toileting remain problematic. They are time-consuming and unpleasant to use, and can lead to cross-contamination. A 2011 study found that 33% of reusable bedpans failed a visual inspection for faecal contamination after the bedpan disinfector cycle had finished.

Your time counts

Our Vernacare single-use system is different. It liberates nurses from these outdated and mundane tasks. Instead of washing and reusing, our system incorporates high quality single-use bedpans, urinals and bowls made from paper pulp, along with disposal units that macerate waste and carry it away hygienically and safely.

The result is that this essential duty can be carried out quickly and safely, leaving more time to give patients the care they deserve.

Helping nurses do their job

We are committed to supporting healthcare organisations as they strive to deliver better care, and our global network is dedicated to offering this support all over the world. Our specialist teams give all the training needed to use our system effectively, and thanks to the reliability of our disposal units, wards run more smoothly and efficiently.

With Vernacare, nurses not only benefit from increased time with patients, but they can also be confident they are working to minimise cross-infection every time they use the system.

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Global Footprint

Vernacare is the world’s biggest producer of single-use toileting products, with over 170 million units emerging from our production site every year, with a major presence in the UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, India, South Africa, Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Norway, and UAE.



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The Vernacare System

Our aim is to help healthcare organisations across the world deliver better care and give them the support they needed to fight healthcare associated infections (HCAIs).