Infection Prevention & Control

Every healthcare professional wants to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients.  However, healthcare associated infections (HCAIs) put patients at risk and drain resources that could be better used elsewhere.

16 million every year contract a HCAI. The human impact is serious.  The fight against HCAIs matters to patients, to healthcare professionals, and to us, This is why in 1964, we revolutionised hygienic patient care with the invention and introduction of our single-use system for toileting and washing. 

This innovative solution has improved the lives of patients and healthcare professionals alike all over the world, and it remains at the heart of our mission to break the chain of infection, improving patient dignity and outcomes.

The fight against infection

For today and tomorrow

The old “wash and reuse” methods of dealing with patient toileting and cleaning are fast becoming a relic from the past. Apart from being time consuming and unpleasant to use, they can aid the spread of infection.

By contrast, our single-use containers and disposal units handle and remove human waste hygienically, safely and efficiently.

Our system eradicates the risks associated with traditional bedpan washers and handwashing which do not ensure that reusable bedpans and urinals are free of pathogens. Instead, the Vernacare system macerates and safely disposes of the waste and single-use containers together, with the aid of SmartFlow™ technology.

With the human waste and the bedpan removed, the risk of cross-infection is reduced too. Both patients and staff can be sure they are using a clean, safe product every time.

The fight against infection demands smart ways of working and constant vigilance. The Vernacare system is a valuable part of that offensive.

Originally designed to revolutionise patient toileting, we have spent over 50 years improving the system’s performance and developing innovative new products, all designed to work together. Our innovation has been recognised with accolades such as the Queens Award for Enterprise, and we’re always striving to help healthcare organisations deliver better care now and into the future.


Our mission is to break the chain of infection, improving patient dignity and outcomes.

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Our aim is to help healthcare organisations across the world deliver better care and give them the support they needed to fight healthcare associated infections (HCAIs).



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