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Patient toileting and cleansing, and the subsequent disposal of human waste, are everyday realities in healthcare facilities across the world. Making the process as efficient, safe and hygienic as possible, is all part of delivering the best possible care.

However, in many instances, the traditional processes in place don’t meet this need. They can be unpleasant, time consuming, inefficient and, ultimately, they can create unnecessary risk.

When we set out to change things for the better, our aim was to develop a system that approached the process differently.

By setting out to fight HCAIs and enhance patient dignity, we wanted to give healthcare organisations a more reliable, cost-effective and efficient process than they had ever had before – one that improved life for patients and healthcare professionals, and also removed the cost and worry of blocked drains.

Our revolutionary solution was the Vernacare single-use system, a reliable and stress-free method of patient toileting. The system incorporates a range of high quality single-use containers and disposal units featuring our unique SmartFlow™ technology, which breaks down waste quickly, easily and safely every time.

The SmartFlow™ Solution

All our disposal units use SmartFlow™ technology, an innovative feature unique to Vernacare that ensures both the waste and the single-use containers are completely broken down and saturated with water before they enter the drainage system.

By keeping drains free flowing, our system helps keep facilities running smoothly round the clock. Healthcare organisations can plan and budget with confidence, free from the unexpected maintenance costs and disruption associated with less reliable systems.

Vernacare disposal units are easy to install and simple to use: ours is the only machine to feature a manual emptying override switch. Every Vernacare installation is supported with high quality training and ongoing technical support, giving those who manage healthcare facilities real peace of mind when it comes to offering high quality, efficient, cost-effective care.

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About Vernacare

Vernacare is an award-winning company committed to innovation and quality, with headquarters in Chorley, United Kingdom and a subsidiary in Toronto, Canada.



The Vernacare System

Our aim is to help healthcare organisations across the world deliver better care and give them the support they needed to fight healthcare associated infections (HCAIs).



Global Footprint

Vernacare is the world’s biggest producer of single-use toileting products, with over 170 million units emerging from our production site every year, with a major presence in the UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, India, South Africa, Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Norway, and UAE.


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