Taking care of patients is the task to which healthcare professionals dedicate their lives, however looking after the environment is also vitally important. We need to care about what’s good for our world as well as what benefits patients.

One of the most common occurrences in any healthcare environment is patient toileting and cleansing – a process that leads to the necessary disposal of human waste. Traditionally, this has involved reusable bedpans and bowls and the consumption of large quantities of hot water and detergents.


However, in spite of the wasteful use of resources, this “wash and reuse” method still cannot guarantee decontaminated results. Studies show that harmful pathogens can be found even after washing, with a 2011 study finding that 33% of reusable bedpans failed a visual inspection for faecal contamination after the bedpan washer disinfector cycle had finished.

With plastic products also finding their way into the world’s landfill sites and oceans, it is clear that an alternative is needed.

A smarter way to use resources

Innovation for a healthier world

We took a revolutionary step 50 years ago when we utilised recyclable materials in our Vernacare single-use system. By using over-issued newsprint to create our products, we were green before sustainability even became a consideration in the corporate world. Back then, climate change did not even register as a global concern, but our system for eliminating was not only quicker and more effective than traditional methods, it was gentler on the environment too.

By using high quality single-use containers, our disposal units macerate waste and carry it away safely. The system uses up to 60% less water than reusable alternatives and up to 96% less energy.

Choosing the Vernacare system is an effective way to improve environmental sustainability. Chemicals are not required in our process, no bleaches are used in manufacturing our medical paper pulp products, and because resources are used more efficiently, there are financial savings too.

All in all, it adds up to a system that helps care for patients and helps look after our planet.

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