Under new legislation that came into force April 2017, all company's with 250 or more employees must publish and report specific figures about their gender pay gap. From 2018 the legislation therefore applies to Vernacare Ltd (“the company”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Vernagroup Equity Co (“the group”), which employs greater than 95.9% of employees within the Group.

Employers must publish the gap in pay between men and women on both a means basis (average hourly salary) and a median basis (pay per hour based on the person ‘in the middle’ of the distribution of pay). In addition, employers are required to disclose the distribution of gender by pay quartiles – in others words splitting the workforce into four groups based on their pay, and showing the proportion of men and women in each group.  In relation to bonus pay, employers are required to disclose both a mean and median basis for average bonus pay received in the financial year 2017/18. Furthermore, the percentages of employees receiving bonuses by gender must be disclosed.

  • Difference in the hourly rate of pay (mean)   25.9%
  • Difference in the hourly rate of pay (median)    21.8%
  • Difference in bonus pay (mean)           -87%
  • Difference in bonus pay (median)   3.2%
Upper Quartile
Upper - Middle Quartile
Lower - Middle Quartile
Lower Quartile

Our gender pay gap is influenced by some industry related factors, firstly we have two manufacturing locations, one in Bolton which operates a number of inhouse engineers which offer higher pay scales and these roles predominantly attract men. In Chorley the manufacturing and admin support are in the lower quartiles and these are currently performed by females.

We continue to monitor the gap and make sure our policies are always fair. This includes actively reviewing decisions around our annual performance, pay and bonus pay and the Company will therefore continue to endeavor to provide opportunities for individuals to grow, both personally and in their work role. Such training and development opportunities depend on the requirements of the business and are irrespective of gender.

Matt Miller 


April 19