Why are you issuing a recall?

Vernacare are voluntarily recalling cosmetic products from the market following the detection of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa in certain product lots. Although this issue impacts only a small number of lots manufactured by Vernacare, we have taken the decision to recall all in date wet wipe products until our internal investigation has been completed and root cause identified. Patient safety remains our utmost priority and although the action being taken is widespread, it reduces risk as much as possible.

Why is the recall so widespread (2 years)?

To ensure all potential risk is eliminated, Vernacare have committed to a global voluntary recall of all in date cosmetic products. All Vernacare’s cosmetic products hold a 2-year shelf life from the date of manufacture, which is the rationale for the timeframe specified.

What is the difference between lot and batch numbers?

‘LOT’ and ‘batch’ numbers are terms which are often used interchangeably. Both refer to the unique identifier assigned to a certain quantity of product manufactured by Vernacare to support traceability.


What is MSL’s involvement in this process?

MSL Solution Providers act as EU Responsible Person (RP) on behalf of Vernacare in accordance with Regulation (EC) no 1223/2009 – This responsibility covers all cosmetic products.

The RP is legally responsible for the regulatory compliance of the cosmetic products and as such are heavily involved in both our investigation and recall.

Are any of these products classified as Medical Devices?

All products under this recall notice are classified as cosmetics, and not medical devices. 

Can you confirm which product codes are affected?

Please refer to the product recall notice for full details of the product brands affected, a list of specific product codes can be found below. Please note: There is no requirement to return stock which is not covered by the product codes specified.


Product Name

Obsoleted codes

NEW / Current product codes

Oasis Shampoo Cap - Unperfumed



Oasis Shampoo Cap - Perfumed



Conti Continence Care Skin Cleansing Wipes



Conti Patient Cleansing Wet Wipes



Conti Flushable Skin Cleansing Wet Wipes



Oasis Maceratable Bedbath - Perfumed



Oasis Washmitt - Perfumed



Oasis Bedbath - Perfumed



Conti Patient Cleansing Wet Wipes



Oasis Maceratable Bedbath - Unperfumed



Conti Skin Cleansing Wet Wipes (Previously Senset skin cleansing wipes)



Oasis Washmitt - Unperfumed



Oasis Bedbath - Unperfumed



Conti Continence Care 3% Dimethicone Barrier Cloth




Will my existing orders remain on hold?

Yes, all outstanding orders will remain on hold. We anticipate the hold on deliveries to be short term, however we are unable to provide a specific date at this point in time. Our Customer Services team will be in touch with updated delivery dates as soon as possible.

Are you issuing replacement stock?

As a precautionary measure, we have placed the manufacture and dispatch of all wet wipes produced at our facility on hold. Until our investigation is complete, all current stocks and the manufacture of new product stocks will remain on hold. We appreciate the magnitude of this for both you and your customers and can assure you we are doing everything possible to ensure business as usual resumes as quickly as possible.

Once our order book is reopened, we will distribute all pending orders and process any additional orders you will likely require.


Why can’t you offer an alternative?

As a precautionary measure, we have placed the manufacture and dispatch of all wet wipes produced at our facility on hold, as such we are unable to provide an alternative. We do however supply a range of dry wipes which can be considered in the short term alongside soap and water. Please request specific details if this option is of interest with your Account Manager or Customer Services. 

When will product be available again?

Vernacare are working closely with the relevant authorities and our Responsible Person to fully investigate and identify the root cause. Until this has been completed and satisfactory corrective action takes place, we are unable to provide a timeline. Our Customer Services team will be in touch with updated delivery dates as soon as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. 

What measures have you put in place to make sure this doesn’t happen again?

We cannot comment on this at present but will report the full findings of our investigation in due course. 



Do I need to return just stocks in my warehouse, or do I need to recall stock from my customers too?

We ask that you quarantine the stock in your warehouse as outlined within the product recall notice. You are also required to share this recall notice with your customers and ensure that all product use is suspended with immediate effect, and instructions outlined within the recall notice followed.

Will I receive a credit for the returned stock?

Yes, Vernacare will process credits for all returned or destroyed stock notified within the period outlined in the recall note.

7th July 2022 update:

Please note that the deadline for credit request has now passed, and no further requests will be accepted moving forward.

Credits will be processed in the coming weeks, based on information provided to us by our distribution partners - customers will be contacted once this has taken place. If you have not heard from our team by 1st August, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

I am unwilling to return the stock at my expense, please advise?

Vernacare can support with collection of goods, please contact

Will I [Distributor] receive credit from Vernacare to cover lost margin resulting in a recall from my customers?

Vernacare will refund distributors the total price paid to Vernacare for goods only. This does not cover any lost margin as a result of recall from onward distribution of goods.

I do not wish to return product, can I destroy the product here? How do I return the information to you?

Product does not need to be returned to Vernacare, it can be destroyed locally if this is simpler for you. In order to process your recall response, you will need to complete the Recall notice provided:

Quarantined and destroyed all affected batches at local level

When returning the recall notice please notify us of the total number of cases of each batch destroyed and the method of destruction. 

  • Landfill
  • Incineration
  • Removal by third party
  • Other: please state


I have stock of a product which is not listed on the recall notice?

Please note this recall only relates to the products listed on the recall notices. No other products are affected and as such refunds will not be processed for any stock returned which falls outside of the remit of this recall. If you have stock of the products listed in the recall notices which is older than two years, please be aware this is now past its shelf life and is not covered by the recall. Please see below summary of the impacted product brands:

  • Oasis Bedbath – Perfumed
  • Oasis Bedbath – Unperfumed
  • Oasis Maceratable Bedbath – Perfumed
  • Oasis Maceratable Bedbath - Unperfumed
  • Oasis Shampoo Cap - Unperfumed
  • Oasis Shampoo Cap - Perfumed
  • Oasis Washmitt - Unperfumed
  • Oasis Washmitt - Perfumed
  • Conti Flushable Skin Cleansing Wet Wipes
  • Conti Continence Care Skin Cleansing Wipes
  • Conti Patient Cleansing Wet Wipes
  • Conti Skin Cleansing Wet Wipes
  • Conti Continence Care 3% Dimethicone Barrier Cloth
  • Senset Skin cleansing wipes 

How do I organise a return of stock to Vernacare?

Please follow the instructions in your Product Recall notice. It is important you update us on the status of the stock outlined, whether that be return of or destruction of goods.

Contact our dedicated team by email at to arrange collection of the recalled product, which may be also be sent to the following address:

Vernacare Ltd
Matrix Park
1 Western Avenue
Buckshaw Village
United Kingdom