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We're passionate about clinical waste and understand that clinical waste management is a critical aspect of healthcare operations that requires careful handling, segregation, and proper disposal to protect public health and the environment.

40 year's ago, we pioneered the first purpose-built sharps container, and we continue to innovate with the world's first full range of sustainable, single-use waste containers.

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The world's first purpose-designed range of sustainable, single-use sharps containers. Specifically designed to enable the safe disposal of clinical sharps and minimise the risk of associated injuries. The Sharpsafe® range is available in sizes 0.2L to 30L.


Specifically designed to enable the safe disposal of non-sharps clinical waste. There are two solutions within our range: plastic and cardboard clinical waste containers.

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40 year's of Innovation

Since we launched the first purpose-designed sharps container in 1979, our purpose has been to minimise the risk of sharps injuries through high-performance, sustainable containers.

We've continually innovated, including developing the Near Patient Sharps Disposal (NPSD) system. A world's first for patient and healthcare safety, compromising of trays, trolleys, and other supporting accessories, designed to specifically be taken to the patient.

Commitment to Sustainability

We are committed to helping you reduce your carbon footprint. Our Sharpsafe containers have 94% reduction in their carbon footprint when compared to containers using virgin plastic. Our range combines high-performance sharps waste management with our eco-conscious manufacturing. By switching our manufacturing over to our low carbon recycled materials, we are helping to support healthcare facilities to achieve their carbon Net Zero targets.


Regulatory and Compliance

We hold significant importance on regulatory and compliance. Our clinical waste management portfolio adheres to the below standards.

ISO 23907-1:2019 is an international standard specifically aimed at ensuring your safety. The key aspects covered are puncture resistance, drop resistance, seal tightness and labelling.

UN3291 is a specific United Nations (UN) code used to ensure that infectious substances and clinical waste are transported safely and in compliance with international standards.

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