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Cotton wool is designed for use directly on the skin. It is therefore vitally important that it is kind and gentle to even the most delicate of skin. To ensure this, our cotton wool is manufactured to the same stringent standards as medical grade absorbents - detailed in the British Pharmacopoeia - in a facility that is independently audited by the British Standards Institution and the British Retail Consortium for conformance to quality systems.

Environmentally Friendly

When converted into finished product, cotton wool consumes large volumes of space. Importing finished products from overseas consumes more fuel, as many more container and trailer loads are required compared to shipping raw material.

We offer a green, environmentally friendly alternative, as all manufacturing is at the company’s facility in Worksop, Nottinghamshire; the only facility of its kind in the UK. Compacted bales of high quality raw material (cotton) are converted to finished product as required. This drastically reduces the ‘cotton wool miles’, as the voluminous soft and fluffy finished bags of cotton wool are only transported comparatively short distances within the UK.

Kind and Gentle to the Skin

High quality consumer cotton wool products have been central to our manufacturing philosophy for over 50 years. Raw materials and finished product regularly undergo microbiological testing to ensure that they comply with the company’s stringent requirements for low microbial count. Finished product also regularly goes through the same laboratory tests to maintain quality.

The product also passes through multiple stages of metal detection, including end of line, to ensure zero contamination by metal. The manufacturing facility is enclosed to prevent insect contamination and has insectocutors for added protection.

We excel in customer service and changes in customer demand thanks to our UK manufacturing and raw material stock levels.

Excelling in Customer Service

Our attention to detail and care for our products places us ahead of our competition, proudly setting the standard for the industry. We excel in customer service and changes in customer demand thanks to our UK manufacturing and raw material stock levels.

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