The HushPlugz® range has been specially developed to address the problem of noise, by offering different earplugs for different applications.

We manufacture a diverse range of personal care products that have been carefully selected to complement the first aid and cotton wool ranges. Whether designed to soothe aches, help a restful night’s sleep or offer comfort and convenience when breast feeding, products comply with all applicable standards and offer great value for money.

Innovative Products

The modern world is full of noise, from machinery, traffic and music to snoring partners! This noise is at best annoying, but in some cases harmful to health.

To combat the most common source of complaint in the home - snoring - we offer a new and innovative modern alternative to traditional wax earplugs - Hush Plugz® silicone earplugs. Silicone is easier to mould, seals well to the ear and is also ideal for swimming. Keen pricing, high performance and attractive packaging combine to deliver a fresh approach to earplugs.

When noise reduction is critical, to protect hearing, the Hush Plugz® range continues to provide a solution with specially tapered bullet shaped foam earplugs.

Meeting the Standard

Classed as Personal Protective Equipment, these products are CE marked and fully compliant with the European standard for hearing protectors; BS EN 352-2:2002. Adult and Child Swim Plugz® complete the comprehensive range, all presented in eye-catching packs and retail ready packaging.

When combined with the extensive FastAid® range, our personal care products deliver a formidable collection that addresses the needs of both consumers and retailers.

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