We are the UK’s leading manufacturer of high quality medical absorbents and our company has the only volume cotton wool manufacturing plant in the UK.

Products include Gamgee®, which was originally invented in 1880. Gamgee® is continually improved up to today and is the market leader in gauze and cotton tissue products.

Human Gamgee®

Our Gamgee® is a greatly improved and modern version of the original gauze and cotton tissue invented in 1880 by Dr Joseph Sampson Gamgee, a pioneer in aseptic surgery, in association with Robinson Healthcare who were assigned the patent and manufactured the first product. Today, Gamgee® is still the market leader and widely used, sharing the original’s unique benefits with modern, high quality manufacturing.

  • Superior quality, highly absorbent secondary wound dressing
  • Ideal for highly exuding wounds, including leg ulcers, cavity wounds, lacerations and surgical wounds
  • Unique cushioning for the relief of pressure points in wounds and sores
  • Provides additional warmth and protection for improved patient comfort
  • Suitable for undercast padding and many general orthopaedic applications where a comfortable padding is desired
  • Particularly suitable for care of the elderly as a cushion to help prevent pressure sores

Veterinary Gamgee®

Veterinary Gamgee® has also been held in high regard for many years within equestrian settings. Manufactured to the highest standard in our UK manufacturing facility, Veterinary Gamgee® is a great addition to any equine first aid kit.

Consisting of a thick layer of superior quality, highly absorbent cotton wool enclosed in a choice of either traditional gauze or a non-woven cover, Veterinary Gamgee® is ideal as a highly absorbent secondary wound dressing.

Why Your Kit Should Include Veterinary Gamgee®:

  • Insulates and cushions a wound, protecting it from external trauma
  • Can be applied over wound dressings prior to bandaging
  • Use as padding on top of a hoof poultice to secure the poultice in place and provide an extra layer of support
  • Highly absorbent - this makes Veterinary Gamgee® perfect for general swabbing and cleaning wounds
  • Ideal to be used as a compression pad if a wound is oozing blood

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