Vernacare is at the forefront of innovation with our Compact+ macerator, we are reshaping the future for healthcare professionals.

Our touchless technology with Natural User Interface decreases the risk of healthcare-associated infections by reducing potentially harmful touchpoints. This reduces the risk of costly infection outbreaks, protects essential keyworkers and allows facilities to accomplish healthcare goals.

Compact+ Touchless Technology

The touchless technology with Natural User Interface means that the Compact+ macerator can be controlled by one single foot movement meaning the macerator is never touched by hand.

Compared to alternative methods, such as bedpan washers, where multiple touchpoints are present, the Compact+ macerator lends itself to situations where the healthcare professional needs minimal interaction when disposing of human waste.

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The Future Reimagined

It is critical to have a safe workplace for all healthcare professionals, whether that is a hospital, care home, or other healthcare facilities

According to the World Health Organization’s report on the burden of endemic healthcare-associated infections worldwide (2011), in the United States, 99,000 deaths each year are attributed to HCAIs at a cost of $6.5 billion. In Europe, 37,000 deaths annually are attributed to infections. Surgical infections comprise up to 20 percent of all HCAIs.

  • Enviromentally friendly
  • Space effiecent
  • Low noise pollution

Compact+ has advanced diagnostics meaning that downtime of your machine is minimised. The diagnostics provide real-time reports and automatically diagnose any issues so that they can be fixed quickly and efficiently.

Smartflow™ Technology

We have the expertise to understand that both the environment and the maceration process is important in healthcare facilities, that is where we invented SmartFlow™ technology. Our unique ‘closed-drum’ system ensures that all waste placed into our machines is fully broken down before being released into the wastewater system.

Vernacare is the only company that manufactures medical pulp and cutting-edge macerators. Our medical pulp in conjunction with our SmartFlow™ technology has been independently verified by EDANA to have the same dispersibility as toilet paper. This means that the pulp is broken down and waste is only released to the drain once the size of waste particles is minimised.

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