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Our clinical waste management portfolio offers a comprehensive range of products to dispose of pathological waste, pharmaceuticals, contaminated materials, and more.

Specifically designed to enable the safe disposable of non-sharps clinical waste, there are two solutions within our Clinisafe range: plastic and cardboard containers.

Clinisafe Cardboard

The cardboard clinical waste containers range from 12L to 50L, and are constructed from FCS approved recycled cardboard and contains an integral polyethylene liner.

Clinisafe Plastic

The plastic clinical waste containers range from 3L to 60L and has been designed to hold anatomical and laboratory waste, with a hermetic glue seal providing improved leak resistance.

Our range of clinical waste containers come in different colours to allow for correct segregation of clinical waste, in accordance with clinical waste guidelines.

The Cardboard range is available in:

Yellow - for the correct disposal of infectious waste

Purple - for cytotoxic and cytostatic waste, available in 50L size

Blue - for solid pharamaceutical waste such as syringes, scalpels, pill bottles, and inhalers

Orange - for non-hazardous waste such as uncontaminated PPE and wiping cloths

White - for gypsum waste such as dental moulds, available in 50L size


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