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Vernacare issues voluntary recall across all 'in date' batches of Clinisan Bodywash

Posted On November 28th, 2023

Vernacare issues voluntary recall across all 'in date' batches of Clinisan™ Bodywash, effective immediately and will no longer be available for sale.

Whilst there have been no reported issues with these batches in-market, following confirmation of the detection of microbial growth in a limited number of products, Vernacare have ceased production and both Vernacare (UK Responsible Person) and MSL (EU Responsible Person) have chosen to voluntarily cease supply of the Clinisan™ Bodywash product range (Product codes: SBA250 and SBA500).

To support the ongoing investigation, Vernacare undertook repeat microbial testing on a range of batches that had previously been released to market. Unfortunately, despite testing before release, the results of the retesting identified some microbial contamination was detected in some products. Therefore, the decision has been taken as a precautionary measure to issue a full voluntary recall on all 'in date' batches manufactured at the affected facility.

This decision has been taken solely in the interest of patients and residents being cared for using this cleansing product. Patient safety remains our utmost priority and until corrective and preventative action can be taken, our focus is firmly on eliminating all potential risk as quickly as possible.

As such, recall notices have been issues to Vernacare's global distribution network, covering the following products:

  • Clinisan Bodywash 250ml (Product code: SBA250)
  • Clinisan Bodywash 500ml (Product code: SBA500)

If you have supplied, or have been supplied with, an in-date batch of the products listed, please quarantine as soon as possible and contact Vernacare or your distributor for information on next steps.

We apologise for any inconvenience this action may cause. Please direct any queries surrounding this investigation or product recall notifications to [email protected].