Improving the hair washing experience | Dementia and Alzheimer's patient support
Improving the hair washing experience | Dementia and Alzheimer's patient support
Posted On May 17th, 2023
Infection Prevention

Living with dementia or Alzheimer's can be overwhelming and distressing for the patient and it's vital that the right choices are made when thinking about the individual's care, ensuring that the receive a happy and positive care experience. The need to protect care receiver's dignity and privacy is incredibly important.

It is quite common for people with dementia to forget about their personal care and hygiene. They may neglect basic activities such as bathing and changing their clothes.

The act of hair washing can be a big task that my cause distress to patients. Some people with dementia associate bathing with having their hair washed and become upset, because it frightens them to have water poured over their head.1 Removing the use of running water can significantly increase the care receiver's experience of hair washing, which can be achieved through a rinse free shampoo cap.

What is a rinse free shampoo cap?

A waterless bathing solution, such as a Conti® Rinse Free Shampoo Cap, is an ideal alternative to traditional shampoo hair washing which requires no water at all throughout the activity.

The pre-dosed shampoo cap is pre-impregnanted with cleansers and conditioners such as Panthenol which is used to help hydrate and smooth both hair and skin, and these are released via a massaging action which releases the rinse formulation into the hair.

Following the scalp massage, which adds to the pleasant experience, the hydrophilic (water-loving) fabric absorbs any oil and dirt and retains it within the cap, allowing for hair to be left feeling fresh and able to air dry naturally.

Why use a rinse free shampoo cap for those with dementia or Alzheimer's?

A rinse free shampoo cap is an accessible solution, replacing the traditional soap and water washing that not only promotes good practice in infection prevention, but ensures minimal disturbance for care receivers.

As advocated by the Alzheimer's Society, it is not only vital to provide the best care for those living with dementia and Alzheimer's, but also allows them the opportunity to participate independently in their own care.2 A shampoo cap is easily accessible for use by a patient themselves and can encourage individuals to maintain their own hygiene and retain a sense of independence for longer.

Additionally, shower caps are easily used in long term care environments or residential home care, and can also provide a family member or friend the opportunity to continue to care for their loved one for longer, as the act of hair washing can be carried out themselves with the Conti® Rinse Free Shampoo Cap.

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