Low Dead Space Needles

Vernacare’s readily available low dead space injecting solutions reduce vaccine waste to help maximise the vaccinated population.


Choosing the Right Needle & Syringe Combination for Mass Vaccination Programmes

It is important to recognise that mass vaccination programmes are not possible without a sufficient number of syringes and needles. Moreover, it is essential to consider which type of syringe and needle should be supplied for vaccine delivery, to minimise vaccine wastage and maximise the vaccinated population.

It is of paramount importance to stock a needle and syringe combination which will allow the greatest number of people to be treated by making the most of the available vaccine.


Low Dead Space Injecting Equipment

As regulatory agencies around the world now recognise, low dead space (LDS) injecting equipment provide significant advantages in its ability to increase the number of people who can be vaccinated by reducing drug wastage and therefore maximising the number of doses available. Vernacare has worked with industry experts to develop a market-leading LDS product range that has been optimised to maximise dosing capabilities whilst still being highly compatible with other leading needle and syringe brands. 


Vernacare’s LDS range will help further the number of doses in a multi-dose vial, allowing for a greater distribution of the vaccine. Vernacare’s LDS product range will enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the delivery of a mass vaccination campaign. As each country and population has unique requirements and needs, our dedicated Vernacare Vaccine Solutions team can offer expert advice on selecting the right devices, supply chain management, and an online educational platform.



The Vaccine Solution Range Includes:


Low Dead Space Needles

Low Dead Space Syringes

Standard Needles

Standard Syringes


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