It is over half a century since we invented the single-use toileting system. Our aim was to help healthcare organisations across the world deliver better care and give them the support they needed to fight healthcare associated infections (HCAIs).

Patient toileting and cleaning happens in every healthcare facility every day, but when we looked at this routine task, we asked ourselves how things could be done better. We knew the old “wash and reuse” methods were contributing to the spread of infection, and we wanted to revolutionise the lives of patients and healthcare professionals.

Our answer was the Vernacare single-use system. Incorporating a range of high quality paper pulp single-use containers (such as bedpan, urinals and bowls) and disposal units, the system is a cleaner, safer and more cost-effective way to eliminate waste hygienically while fighting against infection.

For patients and professionals

Our system supports almost half a million patients every day around the world.  Since its development, we have continued improving and expanding our product range and specialist support network, always with five key aims in mind:

  1. Infection prevention - we help to break the chain of infection.
  2. Patient dignity - Vernacare products can allow self-toileting, in a safe and dignified manner.
  3. Nursing time - by improving efficiency, our system frees up more time to care for patients.
  4. Financial - our system costs less to buy, operate and maintain than reusable alternatives.
  5. The environment - our single-use system uses less energy and water than reusable alternatives.

The Vernacare system is now used in over 50 countries globally. That means patients and professionals all over the world benefit from our commitment to enhancing their dignity, improving their healthcare experience, and ultimately, helping to save lives.