Our Global Footprint

Vernacare is the world’s biggest producer of single-use toileting products, with over 170 million units emerging from our production sites every year, with a major presence in the UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, India, South Africa, Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Norway, and UAE.

This unrivalled scale means we offer consistent high quality, a robust supply chain, and cost efficiencies that ensure outstanding value for money. With such high production capacity and world-class quality management, healthcare organisations can put their trust in Vernacare.


It isn’t simply the scale of our operation that makes us proud, but the fact that we help over half a million patients every day experience more dignified toileting and cleaning, and support health professionals across the world to do their job safely and efficiently.

Our global network

We have over 200 employees across the UK and North America, with team members who are fluent in several languages. They work alongside a global network of trusted international partners, ensuring that everyone who uses the Vernacare system enjoys all the training, support and technical assistance they need.

With customers in over 50 countries, we are the global leader in single-use toileting systems. Our commitment to quality customer care means that wherever our customers are in the world, they can rely on Vernacare to help them fight healthcare associated infections and give patients the outstanding healthcare experience they deserve

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To learn more about the Vernacare single-use system, find and contact your local Vernacare distributor.

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The Vernacare System

Our aim is to help healthcare organisations across the world deliver better care and give them the support they needed to fight healthcare associated infections (HCAIs).



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Case Studies

We have compiled a selection of case studies from around the world to showcase how the Vernacare single-use system is supporting healthcare facilities in their fight against HCAIs.