Vernacare and Manipal Hospitals work together to implement a new approach for Infection Prevention & Control

"With the Vernacare System, time dedicated to patient care has increased by 25%"


Country: India


Solution: Vernacare System


Key Issue(s): Infection Prevention, Environmental, Nurse Productivity

Hospital Overview


Manipal hospitals is one of India’s foremost multispeciality healthcare providers catering to both Indian and International patients. With more than 5000 operational beds, Manipal’s commitment to the overall well-being of an individual is at the core of everything they do.
In 2016, Manipal’s flagship hospital, Old Airport Road located in Bengaluru took the decision to trial the Vernacare single-use system. Thanks to the complete success of the trial, the hospital went ahead and installed pulp disposal units throughout all their main facilities in Bangaluru, Mangaluru, and their new state of the art facility in Dwarka, New Delhi.




Prior to converting to the Vernacare single-use system, handwashing re-usable plastic bedpans, urinals and washbowls was the standard practice within the hospital for disposing of human waste and washing containers. Santha Kumari, Deputy Nursing Superintendent at Manipal, Old Airport Road hospital commented, “The impact of handwashing utensils resulted in working in an unhygienic environment due to the repeat use of containers as well as the high consumption of water used and required manpower to wash plastics.”

Due to the unavoidable inconsistency in hand washing plastic utensils, a concern for the hospital was the potential of cross-infections amongst patients as well as the time and manpower dedicated to washing containers which could be better utilized performing other tasks.



In a bid to address these issues, Manipal trialled the Vernacare system including the pulp disposal unit along with single-use containers which brought about immediate benefits, namely the minimization of crossinfections which can lead to expensive healthcare associated infection costs, significant time savings, a decrease in water consumption and no plastic wastage.









Thanks to the success of the trial, the hospital uses an extensive range of single-use containers such as bedpans, slipper pans, urinals, kidney trays, sputum cups, washbowls and measuring jugs and disposes of them via pulp disposal units installed throughout the facility.


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