Vernacare has revolutionised the experience of patients and healthcare professionals for more than 50 years. Transforming the standards within healthcare environments across the globe through innovation and manufacturing excellence. Vernacare and its international network of partners, provides market-leading hygiene & surgical solutions that prevent infection and create a safer future.

Inspired to make a difference

For patients and professionals

Over 50 years ago, the commitment of healthcare professionals inspired us to think about ways we could improve infection prevention methods. We looked at a process that happens every day in healthcare facilities all over the world and identified solutions that reduced the risk of infection and enhanced the dignity of both the medical professional and the patient. 

Our answer was the revolutionary full system solution for safe, hygienic patient care. It revolutionised the healthcare sector, through hospital macerators, disposable medical pulp containers, bathing alternatives and maceratable wipes.

To this day reusing plastic & metal medical containers still exists. It is our mission to eliminate these systems which can harm both patients & professional through the spread of harmful viruses, bacteria, and spores living on unclean surfaces of containers. Not only is it undignified for patients, unpleasant for carers, and can contribute to the spread of healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs).

We can assure facilities that making the switch to the Vernacare full system solution is the right thing to do. Make the Switch.

Doing things better

Today, the Vernacare system has expanded, with a wider product range, which now includes surgical solutions, we continue to support facilities internationally. All of our products are based on the same principle: to reduce risk and enhance dignity.

At Vernacare, we are innovators. Where we lead, others follow. We are continuously working towards making our system is now better for the environment and even more efficient than it was 50 years ago, and our global network is bigger than ever. Everything we do is driven by our vision to support better healthcare, assist the fight against infection and continue innovating far into the future.

You can however rely on other things to remain the same. Because what we do isn’t just about waste disposal and hygiene. It’s about helping patients lead longer, more dignified lives through products that help to make processes simpler. 

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