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Delivering Innovative Solutions

Vernacare is one of the worlds leading infection prevention organisations, providing the Vernacare disposable system for human waste management to hospitals.

Vernacare medical pulp is the core product range within the system. The latest addition is the new Vernacare detergent proof washbowl which is patent protected and unique in offering a single use alternative to plastic washbowls.

The Vernacare system is used and trusted by 90% of UK hospitals and plays a key role in preventing cross-infection and has additional benefits in terms of protecting patient dignity; cutting nurse time and improving environmental performance.

Vernacare's Quality Assurance system complies with BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and BSI Kitemark PAS029. Stringent quality systems mean 100% maceration, and no leaks, so there is no need to use two or more products together.

The latest UK Department of Health guidelines in response to Ebola state "For non-ambulant patients, disposable bedpans should be used and the contents to be solidified with high-absorbency gel". This is a best-practice method used across leading hospitals globally, where Vernagel absorbent powder is used in bedpans to solidify liquid waste and avoid spillages of urine and diarrhoea.