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Introducing the New Range of VernaClean Disposal Unit Deodorising Disinfectants.

Vernacare are pleased to introduce their new range of VernaClean Disposal Unit Deodorising Disinfectants. VernaClean disinfectants and deodorisers offer optimal performance for disposal unit infection prevention in healthcare facilities. The new range consists of two products; VernaClean and VernaClean ACTIVE™, which are suitable for use in our entire range of disposal units (the Vortex, Vortex+ and the Compact) all of which feature Vernacare’s unique SmartFlow™ technology.

VernaClean antibacterial deodoriser is a concentrated deodorising liquid with antibacterial properties and a fresh lemon scent, whilst VernaClean ACTIVE™ has the added bonus of also having sporicidal properties.  Both products have a dual cleaning and disinfectant action, and are independently tested to British and European standards. VernaClean products are also non-corrosive and skin safe, whilst VernaClean ACTIVE™ is also effective in eradicating C-Difficile.

Further product details can be found in the brochure under the product section of the website.