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The Vernacare system works

Our leading infection control organisation provides an innovative single-use system with award winning products that have made us global leaders in human waste management across the healthcare sector.

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Company Profile

Vernacare is a leading infection control organisation, whose innovative single-use system and award winning products have made us global leaders in human waste management across the healthcare sector.

We pioneered the single-system more than 50 years ago, to help reduce the risk of cross-infection and save nursing time, whilst minimising the environmental and cost impact of alternative re-usable systems. We are also the only company to manufacture a complete human waste disposal system, including our disposal unit range and a full range of single-use products.

Our single-use products carry the BSI Kitemark and are manufactured in line with BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and PAS29:1999, using 100% over-issued clean newspaper. As the largest producer od single-use items the world, producing around 150 million units per year, we have invested heavily in automation and quality control measures to ensure that the product quality is of a consistently high standard.

With over 200 employees across the UK and North America, working alongside our global network of international partners, the Vernacare system is supported by a specialist team who provide the highest standards of educational support, technical assistance and customer care to our varied customer base across over 50 countries worldwide.

Vernacare Labour Standards Assurance System (LSAS) Policy